Why use a professional decorator?

isadecorating Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme

Why use a professional painter and decorator?

Anyone can paint! It’s reasonable to assume that anyone can turn their hand to applying paint to a wall, ceiling or door, but in reality it is all about the standard of the final finish and the end result. That is why people will turn to professionals like ISA decorating, if they want that superior appearance then ISA decorating can deliver that quality, and just as important they will deliver that quality on budget and on time.

As a professional decorator, most customers will give a description of what they want from the start. From then on, if the price is accepted and we have agreed how the work will be done then ISA decorating can be left to get on with their job. Most customers lead busy lives and do not have the time to DIY. This is where ISA decorating, the professionals can take over with the peace of mind that the job will be done well and as you the customer requested.

People are constantly saying about timescales and how quickly we get on compared to the time it would take them to do it themselves. They do not understand how we do it. The simple answer is years of experience. We cannot deny that somebody that knows DIY can turn out an acceptably good job but how long does it actually take? And will the finish be the same as professionals?

isa decorating Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme

ISA decorators use good quality brushes, for the cost of one brush you could probably buy a box of DIY brushes, a standard roller finish for broad areas of ceilings and walls, but not just any old roller will do a good job, the quality of the roller sleeve and the thickness of pile needs to be right to produce great results

Starting from the beginning, what is needed to complete that essential paint finish? A silky texture of even sheen with no highlighted brush marks, runs or sags would be a simple answer, with straight and sharp edges of cutting in between colours. This is only truly achievable using quality equipment, especially brushes and having good practical brush skills which can only be picked up over many years.

isadecorating Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme

Starting with the brushes, there are countless professional brushes on the market manufactured for use in either water or solvent based paints. Or specifically for use in each particular type of paint in some case. Water based paints use a brush of synthetic filaments and oil based paints need pure natural bristles. There is no hard and fast rule of which to use nowadays as everyone has different preferences for different paints. Selection is down to the individual

A good quality brush is the vital tool for a professional painter and its use is very unique to the job it’s used for, shaped by individual preferences. They become a personal tool and once broken into shape you become reluctant to let anyone else use them. Although this still applies, natural filament brushes take a long time to wear down so you may find them shaped to replicate this wearing.

Many consumers are quite happy for the job to be carried out without any understanding of what and why materials are being used but place trust in the decorator’s professional selection. While others like to know the reasons for everything you do and use. So in short this is the practise for a long lasting job. Of course, provided it is applied in the correct conditions.

After carrying out the proper preparation then selection of materials should follow with the application of the correct paint system. Firstly, the foundation coat (the primer), intermediate coats (undercoats) and finally the finish coats. You won’t find a professional painter and decorator that will skip any of the proper process to achieve the finish expected.

In this case, if a job is worth doing, get yourself a professional painter and decorator, the results will be well worth it, they know the tools required and the ins and outs of the materials required in achieving the best results possible.

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